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Welcome, . . .  and thank you for your interest!

The purpose of this website is to give you a more complete picture of my capabilities and experiences, than the usual standard online application is able to convey, with its limited multiple choice answers. Also, it has been the experience of mine and others, that popular online employment application systems, like Taleo and Unicru, do not always function as designed.

This resumé is organized according to industry type, instead of chronologically, since many of my positions have overlapped and repeated from time to time.  This Introduction Page gives a brief description of my talents and experiences divided into five categories, with a link from each section to a separate, more detailed page.

As you can see from this information, the term, "Jack of many trades" could be appropriately applied.  As well as "versatile, adaptable, creative, resourceful, and multi-tasking" would also fit.  In a culture that has developed specialists in every field, a person with such a widely varied background can be a unique and practical asset to a business organization needing a creative person who can visualize, plan, problem-solve, and formulate logistics of physical and time elements with consideration to details and aesthetics. If you think that perhaps I am too widely diverse and over-qualified, I would like to emphasis that I basically just want a position in a pleasant and professional work environment, and the fact that I enjoy many different types of work including some that others do not care for.

Perhaps most importantly, I’m the kind of employee that I would like to have, if I was a business owner or manager!  I appreciate an efficient and harmonious work environment, and do whatever I can to maintain or increase those qualities.  I am happy to work in an entry-level position, and if your business offers the kind of challenges and rewards that fit with my talents, I will welcome the opportunity to advance.

On request, I can immediately send to you (email or postal), a completed standard application form and one-page resumé summary.

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More Info Hospitality


Beginning at age 12, I worked in my parent's restaurant, and by the age of 19, I was managing my parent's second restaurant in which I actively participated in the design and layout ideas during the renovation and construction. Some of these ideas were quite innovative for the foodservice industry in 1974.  My restaurant was recognized by the Polk County Health Department for it's advanced food-handling practices. I coordinated a catered lunch for 1250 people utilizing my family's two restaurants.

Other foodservice experience at other venues included providing seminars on wine service, server etiquette training, tableside cooking, catering, culinary sculpture, safe food handling, and all facets from maintenance to management.

In 1983, along with two partners, I opened The Palmettos Country Inn, which provided a complete destination resort on a Victorian estate along the St. John's River. (See photo left)

In the late 1980's, I managed an authentic re-creation of an intimate dinner theatre, set in the year 1740, located in the Colonial Spanish Quarter in St. Augustine, "La Cazuela del Caballero."

In the mid 1990's, I returned to innkeeping managing at three bed & breakfasts in Key West, before moving to the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica to manage Villa La Roca, a small hotel overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Construction, Restoration & Remodeling

I have worked in many facets of home construction, remodeling and design, including historic restoration.  Past occupations have included commercial landscape maintenance, design and installation of integrated home control systems, (including installation of home theater, audio, automated appliance and lighting controls, climate control, and surveillance & security).  The photo to the right is the second Victorian house that I restored in the mid 1980's. This photo was featured in Victorian Homes magazine, but it was taken before the restoration was completed in 1986.  At bottom of this column, the photo shows the restored parlor of that house featuring the staircase that had many layers of white paint stripped before the original finish was restored.    

More Construction Info

photo taken during restoration, 

from Victorian Homes magazine, Winter 1985

 More Marketing Info

Marketing, Promotional, Retail & Educational

Job related experiences have included website composition & design (beginning in 1997), videography, video editing, digital photography, underwater videography, writing, founding editor of two community newspapers (1980), as well as a position as substitute teacher for three elementary schools, (mid 1970's).  I am computer literate and personally utilize the latest versions of architectural design CAD, voice recognition, graphics & photo editing software, and yes, this is one of many websites I've created. I’m quick to adopt new technologies while being selective towards those of efficient design and practical use. 

Creative Arts & Entertainment

I have written a romance mystery novel, various short stories and currently penning two musicals based on famous historic figures.

I enjoy painting, sculpting, and woodworking, and have exhibited my works in art festivals in Orlando and Jacksonville, FL.

My musical debut at age 14 included an original arrangement of "The Impossible Dream" from Man of La Mancha, and an original composition, "Alicita Luna."

In 1978, I began performing at various restaurant venues in Central Florida before moving my act to Las Vegas where I made appearances at several venues, and soon had an "indefinite contract" with a restaurant owned by the Summa Corporation, (Howard Hughes).

I continue to compose original music and soundtracks for instructional and promotional videos through to the present.

The photo at the right was taken at the console of a four manual, 32-rank Wurlitzer Theater Pipe Organ.  My style and arrangements tend to be "orchestral," as well as the "theater style" of organ. 

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Additional Occupations

Additional Occupational Pursuits:

One year of college completed, 1973-74.  With an inquisitive mind eager to learn something new, I have attended a number of courses on a variety of subjects to support my occupational and personal interests.

As a teenager, I held a position as bank teller, at the State Bank of Haines City, (now Bank of America) 1972-74.

While exploring the possibilities with underwater video, I created instructional and promotional videos for Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key, FL., Dolphin Camp, and for various scuba diving enterprises.

I attained an intermediate level of communication skills in Spanish while living in Costa Rica for six years.  I created a real estate agency that specialized in all aspects of assisting foreigners in moving to Costa Rica.

My Management Style:

I observe current trends and anticipate future needs. I am always gaining a better understanding of the various stages of growth that individuals and communities progress through. My communications skills are based on an assumption that we all want the same thing, thereby building bridges of ideas to create a win-win-win solutions and projects. I focus on getting the job done in the best way with least amount of effort.  I take my time to do a job right the first time because I hate to waste the time having to re-do something.  In committee, I encourage very inclusive open brainstorming. I present ideas as “This, or suggest something better.” I tend to factor in ideas for adjustments, multi-use and inevitable “surprises.” I keep groups focused on the immediate goal and underlying mission.  I remind people that there is a way to approach any challenge that is “fun.”  For if it is a not fun challenge, people will lose interest.  A strength I bring to any creative process is that I don’t feel the need to be “right,” I just want to achieve the goals in the easiest, most successful & efficient way possible.  My “open ear policy” encourages creative flow from others and increases the likelihood of the best combination of ideas.  Of course giving credit to others, where credit is due, is crucial.

Mentally, I thrive on new challenges by easily utilizing my talents of ingenuity, resourcefulness, to trouble-shoot and problem solve, (for example, by adapting an object to serve a practical purpose different from the original design intention.) I can visualize combination of elements see how the completed project will appear, from color combinations to architectural floorplans, to time and motion processes. While I like to experiment with all possible options, I'd propose a design or procedural change to achieve an improvement, not just for the sake of change.

I appreciate a position that utilizes and challenges my creative talents for problem solving, composition and design.  I would like to find a company where I can support a win-win-win philosophy including the company, its employees, and its clients, which also creates a formula for long-term, increasing success.

I am grateful to you for taking a moment to acknowledge that you have considered my application and honestly inform me by phone or email, whether or not you are interested in continuing with an interview process.

 References, photos and videos of earlier works are available on request.  I am available for polygraph and drug testing.  Wages and days/hours that I am available are flexible and negotiable, as well as the possibility of relocation.

I look forward to meeting with you and discussing the possibilities!

Don D Chapman @

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